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  1. Tom Roderick says:

    I worked with BCD for years on Big Iron but have never seen DCH (Date Coded Hex) before. Sounds like 07E0 is going to start out with lots of OPPORTUNITIES!

    1. Considering how long this thing’s been in the cooker, I sure hope so!

  2. George Hodous says:

    I read this, didn’t I?

    1. Not sure. I’ve known you for 49 years (egad!) and you’ve read a lot of my stuff before other people ever have. I first had the idea for the spellbender stories when I was a sophomore or junior at Lane, but never did much with them until 1984, which is when I first started writing TGO under that title, with Stypek the Spellbender as the main character. I set it aside when I got my job at Ziff-Davis in 1985 and didn’t come back to it until 2006, and didn’t finish the first draft until 2012. If you’ve read it, it’s been since then.

      1. George Hodous says:

        I remember a massive fight on a factory floor involving AI combatants and Stypek…. I don’t know, maybe it was something else.

        49 years and no Clavius…going to have to be around another 49 years to see that happen.

        1. If you read the fight on the factory floor, you’ve seen the finished TGO, at least in early form. I’ll send you the final item sometime in January (I hope!) when I release it.

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