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Phage House QTH, SK

Well. I’m about to shut down the cable modem and take it back to Xfinity. We have a hotel room with Wi-Fi and I’ll be checking email in the evenings. I will be glad not to see news of the latest beatings and shootings and beheadings for a few days. I probably won’t post much or at all before the weekend. Nothing’s wrong, just lots to do still before Thursday morning and then two days on the road. We’ve been here fourteen years, and whereas I’m glad we were here, I’m now just as glad to be headed somewhere else. Snow in May? It gets old. And my lungs, for some mysterious reason, are not quite the oxygen traps they used to be, especially at 6700 feet.

See y’all on the flipside.


  1. Mike Weasner says:

    Of course, there is the other side of cold. I was in Phoenix yesterday. Saw 113F. Was nice to get back to cool Oracle, elevation 4380′.

  2. TRX says:

    I was going to check out your commentary about building the house, but the blog stops in January 2008. I would have sworn it went back before that…

    1. It does. It goes all the way back to 1998, in fact, but until 2008 I edited it all by hand. In January 2008 I moved it to WordPress. You can find links to all the old manual entries here:

      Commentary on the construction of our Colorado house began with the July 2003 month file, in the July 8 entry:

      It goes on for most of a year. There are photos, linked behind a tag reading “How’s Jeff’s House Coming?”

      1. Tom Roderick says:

        Thanks for the links and reminders Jeff. I THINK I started following Contra. in 2006 or there about and taking the time machine back to 2003 was a wonderful trip. I read several months past July and realized I had missed a LOT!

        Contra was a bit more philosophical back then and then as now got me thinking in ways I had never tried before.

        1. I’d be more philosophical if I had more energy, but I’m just a lot older than I was back in the early oughts. The truck came today and we’ll be unpacking and putting stuff away for some weeks yet, but as the summer unrolls I hope to be able to do some more interesting things. I have a lot to say about health insurance, but Certain People always climb down my throat when I mention that the ACA is not a gift from God, so that makes me hesitate, because the energy just isn’t there to put the trolls in their places.

          Give me a couple of months to get settled, and I’m hoping to deliver more and better entries!

  3. TRX says:

    Does this mean complete relocation to Fort Duntemann is nigh?

    1. It is. We rolled into the driveway about 2:30 this afternoon. Phage House is on the market, and we won’t be going back except maybe to winterize the house if it doesn’t sell before the end of October.

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