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Odd Lots


  1. TRX says:

    > taboola

    Go to your hosts file – the format is the same on Linux, Windows, and Apple – and add:

    That will work for browsers AdBlock doesn’t support.

    I only got broadband a few years ago. Before that, we were on *metered* dial-up – that garbage coming down the wire cost me a fair amount of money every month, resulting in a frothing hatred for spam and advertising.

  2. TRX says:

    > NASA posters

    Is it just me, or is there a peculiar Soviet look about those things?

    1. Michael Black says:

      I thought they were more like thirties industrial. Think National Recovery Act art. But, Soviet art has a similar tone.


  3. Brian Tkatch says:

    Or just use Adblock Edge.

    Instead of BMI, use ABSI. I know the authors. 🙂

    Worst president is Obama. He usurped Carter’s title in his second term. Elder Bush is somewhere on the list, and all the rest have been forgotten by now. Obama will retain the title unless he’s replaced by Sanders, Trump, or possibly Cruz, but he might live on in PolySci, being their version of the New Coke debacle, that is, how not to act as president.

    Neanderthals were so mixed up they wore baggy jeans. Who knew?

  4. RH in CT says:

    The link in the first item talks about the hoped for death of Flash.

    The link in the second item tries to open Flash.


    1. No, the first item talks about the murder of Flash, which is subtly different. I’m guessing only Google has steely knives big enough to kill the beast.

      1. TRX says:

        A while back Apple announced they weren’t going to support Flash on their new iPhones. I figured given the number of people who bought into the Apple cult, there’d be some clout there…

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