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  1. The Lake Superior hotspot has scrolled off and is now gone.

  2. Bob Fegert says:

    I use C the most but I adore Pascal and especially the Delphi blend of Pascal.

    I use C the most because I write code for embedded systems and C is good for that purpose… it’s a very small language that is almost as powerful as asm yet easier to use.

    I often pull out and use an ancient copy of Delphi 2 when I need a quick and dirty Windows utility. It makes very tiny exe files.

    I really like the string handling in Delphi. It can be used to easily manipulate all sorts of digital data and not just text.

    1. My last version of Delphi was D7, and that’s served me pretty well. I got disillusioned by the Turbo Delphi botch ten-ish years ago, and have stuck with D7, or more recently, Lazarus.

      There’s no FreePascal build specifically for Arduino AVR, as much as I wish there were. I can program in C, but it makes parts of my brain itch.

  3. TRX says:

    Julian Bucknall’s “Tomes of Delphi” says that strings, records, and some types of structured disk files are all just special types of arrays. I’d never thought of it that way before, but I’m sure that’s how the compiler sees it down below all the “language” stuff.

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