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  1. Tony Kyle says:

    Regarding the dark ages of programming, aka Web 2.0, I agree to some degree.

    It was much easier writing to a known platform and a known, single set of APIs. Programming for the web means programming for each OS, each browser and each flavor of JavaScript. It is a nightmare at times.

    I’m working an issue now that impacts Windows 8.1 with a FlashPlayer application impacting both IE 11 and Firefox but not Chrome. This is going to be a fun issue to find and resolve.

  2. Larry Nelson says:

    Web apps are definitely more fiddly. But installers for conventional applications are an on-going root canal. Does your app run on a Dell Model QTPi, Rev 3, Window 7.1, SP2 with Gitchee-Gumee video drivers and an ancient Slap-Dot matrix printer?

    We have developed and support a large conventional application ( I have a good employee who developed an installer that works 98% of the time. Oh, but that remaining 2%.

    I have another client that decided to go 100% web apps a dozen years ago. I thought the were crazy. But now I roll out updates quietly without a care in the world.

    For database CRUD in a browser, check out It has kept me sane and out of the fiddly stuff for a lot of basic work. Check out this link This single page of xml defines the web page with full CRUD and search functionality:

  3. Bob Fegert says:

    I miss programming in Delphi.

    Most of what I do nowadays is C for micro-controllers.

    There is Pascal for micro-controllers of various flavors (ARM,AVR,MICROCHIP) that are nice.
    They are from Serbia, and the compilers are written in Delphi 🙂
    But if I use them then other programmers would look at my code and start laughing… or faint.

  4. Tom Dison says:

    @Larry When I need a desktop app, I tend to use Java just so I don’t have to mess with installs. I can install the app under Windows, Linux, Mac just by dropping my Jar somewhere. Especially for data-driven apps, it’s nice to not have to worry about client libraries. I just include the JDBC jars in my main Jar. I even use a form builder to design the screens.

  5. Rich Rostrom says:

    Ahh, now global warming causes kidney stones.

    Right. The ~1C change in outdoor temperatures has more effect than the vast increase in time spent in airconditioned environments.

    And it doesn’t even have to get warm. Over 50 degrees is enough?

    These people have no shame at all.

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