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May 1st, 2008:

My Last Brin. Really.

Not ten minutes ago, my brother-in-law called to let us know that they had gotten The Call, and he and my sister Gretchen () were on their way to Madison, as their second and last child had just been born there.

Those who haven't been following Contra for very long may not know precisely what's going on here, and I still boggle a little myself, SF guy though I claim to be. Recapping: For medical reasons, my sister cannot carry children to term herself. After conceiving in vitro years ago and storing the embryos under liquid nitrogen, Gretchen and Bill went off to find a gestational carrier to bring their children to term. It wasn't exactly easy, but mission accomplished: Katie Beth Roper now has a sister, born at 8:10 AM this morning, central daylight time. Nine pounds nine ounces, no problems reported.

Deo gratias.

My immediate family is complete. We'll be on a plane Saturday to head out there and celebrate.