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  1. Jim Ujcik says:

    Looks like someone is using AI and it didn’t understand the definition of “Assembly” or the context thereof.

    1. That, of course, was my first theory. It’s also a weird list because it goes on a lot longer than 20 books…95, in fact. An awful lot of those are CAD-focused. A dozen are so are assembly manuals for cars, guns, etc. There’s a second novel called Assembly but there’s no synopsis and in truth, I’m not that interested.

      If it wasn’t AI, it was script work: A crawler pulled down every book listed on Amazon with “assembly” in the title or metadata, and then sorted them by…something. But if I had to guess (or bet) it would be AI.

      1. TRX says:

        I’m voting for “paid product placement by SolidWorks.”

        Probably 90% of all cooking-related bloigs use the same template, and all shill for some specific food or kitchen product. They claim to be cooking blogs, but they’re really ads.

  2. EdH says:

    Amazon ratings themselves have the same issue, not human curated.

    Your old book is #49 for example, but ahead of it are things like “The Catholic Wedding Planner” and other random stuff, and multiple versions (kindle/hb/pb) of similar books.

    1. Are you sure you’re looking at the same list? #49 is one of several books about SolidWorks, and I see no instance of the word “Catholic” on the page. None of my older books are anywhere on the list.

    2. Whoops. I misunderstood you. The stack rank you were talking about is Amazon’s Best-Sellers in Assembly Language Programming. And yes, there’s the Catholic wedding planner, alongside a book from the same publisher, the title of which contains an F-bomb. Sheesh,

      1. EdH says:

        I first ran across the issue a few months back, when “Best Sellers in SwiftUI” didn’t give me much in the way of results, and so I tried “Best Sellers in Apple Programming” – and the first book was a bodice ripper of some kind.

  3. TRX says:

    > Dropping salt to lower blood pressure may not work without a balance between sodium and potassium.

    I think the salt-and-blood-pressure thing came up here once before; I mentioned I had considerable datalogging showing no change whatsoever with or without salt, and you said you did.

    Obviously, we are not all spherical patients of uniform density…

    Following up, my blood pressure used to range 150-ish, +/- 10, until I went on a ketogenic, mostly-carnivore diet. In a few months it went down to an average of 105, sometimes dipping into the high 80s.

    Carbohydrates are an efficient source of calories, but TANSTAAFL.

  4. TRX says:

    > Minoan language

    Two written languages were in use, identified as Linear A and Linear B. Michael Ventris approached Linear B as a cryptographic problem, and using those tools, showed that it was a dialect of ancient Greek with a different alphabet.

    Nobody knows why they used a different alphabet, but it could be something like why some former Soviet bloc countries moved from Latin to Cyrillic and back to Latin. (and in at least one case, it looks like one is moving back to Cyrillic again)

  5. Likewise, Romanian moved from Latin to Cyrillic and back to Latin, the last move having been in the 19th century, I think.

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