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RIP Aero 2007-2023

Aero - Tarry-All 2010 - Best of Winnres - New Champion - 500 Wide

Our little dog Aero has left us, at 16 years 7 months. Last week he was in some sort of discomfort, and by Monday it was pretty clear that his liver and gall bladder were failing. Carol set up an appointment with our mobile vet for Wednesday morning to put him to sleep. But Tuesday noonish, I checked him as I’ve been checking him for several weeks, to make sure he was still breathing.

This time, he was not.

I made sure that his heart was no longer beating, straightened his head, and with my hand on his forehead said my Prayer of Returning over him, as is our custom when dogs leave us:

From our Creator we took you;

To our Creator we return you,

That your life with us may glorify our Creator,

And in the hope that we may someday meet again.

Go with God, my good and faithful companion!

Aero on couch 2007 - 500 wide

When we bought Aero from his breeder, the late Jimi Henton, in 2007, he quickly told us his name by his ears, which as a puppy often stuck straight out either side of his head, like a plane. He was on the small side for a Bichon Frise, and a little shy, so Jimi suggested that Carol start showing him. Doing this required show grooming and a multitude of other details, but Carol bore down, mastered whatever skills were necessary, and by the spring of 2010 Aero became an AKC Champion. (See top photo.)

He was a lot of fun out in the yard, chasing cheap Wal-Mart playground balls with the rest of the pack. As soon as the balls lost enough air pressure so that Aero could push his sharp little teeth against the plastic, he went for the kill and the ball popped.

His kennel name was Champion Jimi’s Admiral Nelson. He lived longer than any other dog we have ever had, both as a couple or earlier, as kids. (Chewy came close, at 16 years 4 months.) He was a lot of fun and we will always thank God for sharing such a wonderful creature with us.


  1. Spencer Arnold says:

    Not to be too morbid, Jeff, but does your website here have an “obit” saved if you forget to wake up one morning? And how long would your estate keep the site up? I only ask because I just visited W Richard Stevens site and it’s still up 23 years after his death.

    1. Sorry this took a few months to answer; with my assembly book project I’ve been mostly buried.

      I’m not entirely sure what’s to be done on the event of my death. It would seem a little odd to write a contra entry that started out with, “Hey, guys, I’m dead!” and then save it until it was needed. Bob Thompson’s blog is still there, I believe, and he’s been gone now since 2018. Nick Flandrey is writing new entries, and I check it now and then:

      I’m not sure about the legalities of such a thing, and how hosting could be paid for out of our trust, and a host of other details I’m having a hard time forcing myself to think about. Sooner or later I’ll hunker down and figure it out.

  2. Tom says:

    Jeff, My condolences, sympathy and empathy to you and Carol. I lost my companion, Layla, of over 17 years last September. She was a Lab Mix that my late wife and I got at the end of 2006 at which time she was already between 18 months and two years and had had a litter of puppies. EVERYONE wanted one of the puppies but my Wife, Linda, and I brought Layla home. When my Wife passed at the end of October in 2012 my last promise to her was that I would do my best to take care of Layla. If dogs can not teach humans about Love then all is lost.
    My prayers are with you and Carol.

  3. Michael Riley says:

    Awe… So sorry to hear this Jeff.

  4. Bob Halloran says:

    Jeff, Carol,

    So so sorry to hear of the loss; my thoughts are with you.

    And I am very sure you *will* meet again.

  5. Jim Tubman says:

    Sincere condolences to you and Carol. It’s so hard to lose our little friends.

  6. Amy says:

    Sabrina and I are so sorry to hear about Aero. May he enjoy swift passage to the Happy Hunting Grounds, where steaks grow on the bushes, Frisbees fly through the air just waiting to be caught, and there are plenty of warm places to curl up and rest.

  7. Tony Kyle says:

    Jeff, I missed this. We’re so sorry on his passing.

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