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Flashback: New Music on YouTube

I posted this entry last year on 12/23. I haven’t discovered a lot of new Christmas music since then, so I’ll repost the entry here in its entirety. This may become an annual thing, plus new tracks as I discover them. So earbuds on and enjoy!

As we close in on Christmas, I wanted to post a few items I’d found and liked on YouTube. Nearly all of it is Christmas music. (I’ll post some other non-Christmas discoveries in a future entry.)

And that, my friends, is precisely what Christmas music is for.


  1. Vince says:

    Was in twitter mindset and looking for the ‘Like’ button…. have you considered posting links to new contrapositive posts in your Twitter account?

    1. It’s actually the other way around: I post interesting links that I run across on Twitter, and then periodically gather them into Odd Lots entries here. I should see if WordPress has a “like” button plugin. If you scan my wall (if that’s what it’s called) on Twitter, you’ll probably see links you recognize from Contra. But I put them on Twitter first.

      1. Vince says:

        The themes from Home Alone and Polar Express hits the spot for me. Brings back feelings of nostalgia of nothing in particular, just a feeling of good Christmases past.

        “The trouble with you, Jeff, is that you’re too damned happy!”

        You seem to have an enjoyable life – simple living, little luxuries here and there, keeping the passion for each other and for hobbies, and not wanting for anything. You seem to have made good, conscious decisions. Have you thought about writing something like Jeff’s lessons for living a good life? I think you had something to share not quite yet covered in contra, or at least not collected in one place! Thanks for all the writing over the years.

        1. If I knew how I got where I am, I might well try to explain it. But a great deal of my life was good luck: Finding Carol when I was barely 17, getting a talent for writing in the Great Gene Toss, being born at a time allowing me to get in on the ground floor of personal computing, learning editing and publishing back when editing and publishing were good jobs to have. I chose my parents well; they suffered too much but never failed me. I cultivated attitudes that would keep me out of trouble; the main one being “Don’t do stupid shit.” I tried to keep my promises and help other people get out of first gear on their road to being writers or editors. I tried to be satisfied with what I had, and never had any serious problem with envy. I’m not sure what else I could say, but it’s an intriguing challenge.

          1. Vince says:

            ” I chose my parents well” or “Degunking your life” seem like good titles ha ha.

            Merry Christmas Jeff!

  2. The marvelously gravely Thurl Ravenscroff *was* the one who sang “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” on the 1966 cartoon. Also the voice of Tony the Tiger in the Frosted Flakes Commercials.

    1. And the singing voice (but not the face) of “Stew Pot” in the film version of South Pacific.

    2. Well, yes. What I meant is that Thurl Ravenscroft (who died in 2005) would be intriguing singing other music from the Grinch cartoon, even though “Where Are You, Christmas?” is sung in the movie by a young girl. I’ve looked for other of his covers and haven’t found much. He has a cover of “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” on YouTube, but I was actually looking for “Sixteen Tons.”

  3. Jim Tubman says:

    Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band’s a cappella rendition of “Poor Little Jesus” is very moving. Unusually for Christmas music, it is sombre.

  4. jim fuerstenberg says:

    and there is this new one….

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