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  1. TRX says:

    > fake techbooks

    A few years ago I bought some “used” machinist’s books from both and Amazon’s used books department. Those books are small-press, limited-run volumes that sell for $20-ish each new. (they’re typically small format and less than 100 pages)

    Every one of the “used” books was brand new, never-opened, and cost $0.99 + the usual $3.98 shipping.

    From a press *that* small, they might have been printing runs of a few hundred at a time at a local copy shop, so it’s not practical to point at print quality when suspecting a counterfeit… but these weren’t books you’d be likely to find in a remainder pile anywhere. I don’t think they’ve ever been available other than directly from the publisher.

    So *many* brand-new “used” books… it couldn’t be all that profitable to counterfeit them at that price, and the market is small… but there are some books where it would be quite profitable. Some older S-A Design, Petersen, or Classic Motorbooks volumes originally sold for three to five dollars; they’re out of print, and you can seldom find a used copy for under $100. As you’ve written before, some of this is software-driven, but in the end, that’s what someone has to pay if they want to buy a copy. 8-1/2×11, 150 pages or so, low resolution black and white pictures… that’s trivial for modern copy machines.

    Maybe I’m just suspicious and a little bit paranoid. Or maybe not…

  2. Bob says:

    “September 12 was the annual peak in hurricane activity. Alas, there were no tropical depressions, tropical storms, or hurricanes anywhere on Earth. And as best I can tell from the National Hurricane Center sit, there still aren’t.”
    Well! If that isn’t proof of the need to destroy our economy to reduce CO2 emission, I don’t know what is. /sarcasm

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