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Yikes! Glenn Reynolds just plugged The Cunning Blood on Instapundit. The number of books I’ve sold just doubled in the last hour and a quarter. He plugged the hardcover nine years ago, and we sold a lot of books then, too.

Now, as good as this is, Amazon has messed up: They were trying to “sync” the hardcover edition with the ebook edition on the main product page, and ended up removing the main link to the ebook. I’ve sent them a tech support request, and I hope they fix it soon. The good news is that all my Kindle apps and my Paperwhite see it correctly. Only the Amazon desktop product page is messed up.

July 31st has become quite a day for me. 46 years ago today, I met Carol in our church basement. Today, well, I’m getting noticed.

And today still has three hours to go.


  1. Congratulations, Jeff!

    It’s awesome that the hardcover is finally getting a digital version. Out of curiosity, why the 9 year wait?

    1. Two reasons:

      1. It’s been only recently that self-published ebooks could reach any significant audience. I’ve published other ebooks as long ago as 2009, and haven’t had a great deal of luck with them.

      2. I was told by several very successful SF writers that publishing your own material makes you poison to traditional publishing companies, and until fairly recently (within the past year) I had some (faint) hopes of nailing a contract for Ten Gentle Opportunities at least. Once I realized that that wasn’t going to happen, I decided to go it alone.

      I talked about some of these issues in my recent post, “Why I’m Going Indie,” but that’s it in a nutshell.

  2. Great post! I’m an idiot for missing it. Thanks.

  3. jim f says:

    Excellent…I read Instapundit regularly…and I believe his readers are loyal…

    1. His readers are indeed loyal–and there are a helluva lot of them!

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