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Odd Lots

  • The length of the Earth’s day varies more than I would guess, and the cause seems to be a certain amount of slosh in our molten core.
  • PC World is shutting down its print edition. I still have early copies of both PC World and PC Magazine in boxes, including issues from those heady days when the PC universe was exploding like a supernova and the magazines could be an inch thick and heavier than some small dogs. If I could still make money in magazines I’d still be in magazines making money, but that train has left the station, the station has been razed, and the tracks sold for scrap.
  • I smell careers burning.
  • Which might be one reason the Chicago Tribune’s owners are doing this.
  • And yet another reason (among many) for this.
  • On a whim I went out and checked the Adobe CS2 download link that got so much attention this past January. Gone. I guess they calculated that anybody who was entitled to it already had it, and all the rest were pirates. I wonder if they understood that genii don’t return to their bottles once let loose.
  • How about some extreme swimming pools? Damn. I’d just like to have a really boring swimming pool right now.
  • Or maybe nine peculiar (old) vending machines. Read the comments, which contain more cool vending machine links. I saw beer vending machines on Japanese streets when I visited Tokyo in 1981. It shouldn’t be too long before a modern descendant of the Book-O-Matic actually prints and binds your book from scratch, while you watch. Alas, it will cost more than a quarter.
  • Speaking of descendants: I knew this. Did you?
  • Bill Higgins sent a link to some sort of German WWII tank training manual, written in German rhyme and illustrated in a very surreal fashion, including God carrying a tank on one shoulder and a chubby redheaded Aryan angel in leather boots, holding a cannon rammer. The Jaegermeister stag-and-cross is there too, which might explain a few things. Yet another reason I should have taken German in high school.
  • Speaking of Jaegermeister: I asked my nephew Matt what it tastes like. His answer: “You don’t want to know.” When pressed, he added, “Malort.” Only a little research confirmed that, yes, I really don’t want to know.
  • Choice is always good.

UPDATE: A little research on the Panther Primer shows that the figure I thought was God is St. Christopher; the angel in red braids is St. Barbara, and the guy chasing the buzzard is St. Hubert, who was a master hunter…a Jaegermeister. Siegfried is in there too, as are some Classical Greek figures. German tank crews must have been a pretty educated bunch.


  1. Stickmaker says:

    I bet “Core Slosh!” will now be the next Skiffy Channel special movie…

    1. With the mind-breaking revelation that the Earth is some alien race’s washing machine!

  2. BGrigg says:

    RE: CS2 downloads. I had forgotten completely about the free download, until you reminded me, and how sad I was to read that the link dead, but WAIT, when I clicked in the download link in the Gizmodo article anyway, it took me to a log in page, and I am gleefully downloading CS2 as I type this.

    Try it again!

  3. Jim Mischel says:

    If you had asked me about the Jaegermeister, I would have reminded you of the Drambuie incident. . .

    1. Ha! I remember that. 1998, out on the High Seas, following (or at least waiting) for a moonshadow. Granted that I recently tried goldschlager for the first time (cinnamon!) there’s much else that hasn’t percolated to the top of the heap. Vermouth? Dubonnet? Absinthe? Sooner or later, but I won’t despair if they never in fact make it to my lips.

  4. Terry A. Ward says:

    New “Book-o-Matic”

    Check out the on-demand printer at Powells Books in Portland:

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