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  1. Lee Hart says:

    (On the fast-moving ice): I’m just south of it. The same thing happened on many lakes around here. We had a few warm days, and the shore ice melted. That left a huge mass of free-floating ice in the center of the lake.

    Then, we have a day with very high winds. The ice was blown ashore, and piled up just like you see in the video. The mass of all that ice on the lake was accelerated to a couple mph by the wind. When it hit shore, the inertia kept it going!

  2. Rich Rostrom says:

    The most highly paid state employees in nearly all states areā€¦college sports coaches.

    They’re also the most likely to get fired for non-performance.

    Incidentally, the most successful NCAA Division I program in the country over the last 10 years is…

    Northwestern University women’s lacrosse. Nine championships, one second-place finish. Last summer I rode past the campus during a summer program for high school players. A zillion teen girls with lacrosse sticks swarming about.

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