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  1. William Meyer says:

    Having known for 46 years now that I am hypoglycemic, it has been a source of amusement and frustration that so much of what has been written about diet assumes our bodies are all the same. I’ve spent all that time juggling what I eat, ensuring that I don’t take significant carbs without also taking fat and protein. The only diet which has ever worked for me is Atkins, and even that, taken to extremes. I don’t know how much insulin I produce, but I know it’s more than I need.

    This country has tortured itself with diet fads for decades, at least. The once seemingly prudent prohibition of unpasteurized milk products has brought us to the travesty of “process cheese” products, which resemble real cheese in no way. The fat-free products have always appeared fairly slimy to me, and now we are learning from studies that they are simply another fad gone wrong. Never mind the hydrogenated fats needed to solidify margarine.

    My greatest success with food has always been with things which are free of any “improvements”, simply as close as possible to the way God intended.

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