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Odd Lots


  1. Erbo says:

    No dog could ever replace Mr. Byte. QBit, Aero, Jack, and Dash have, however, proven themselves worthy successors. (I say the same thing with regard to Penny as successor to Star.)

    One of my (flaming liberal) Facebook friends has commented with regard to Amendment 64, “I was ignorant in thinking Colorado was an ultra-conservative state. Boy, was I wrong!!” I pointed out that it varies by area (Boulder and Colorado Springs being at roughly either end of the spectrum), and that there were justifiable conservative/libertarian grounds to support 64, which is why I voted for it. (I previously had the distinction of voting in favor of medical marijuana in two states, California, then Colorado.)

  2. Lee Hart says:

    On Wired’s 3×3 font: It reminds me of the crude graphics on the RCA 1802/1861. And we thought 3×5 graphics were crude!

    However, then I realized that Braille uses a 2×3 dot font for the entire alphabet, numbers, and various punctuation symbols. But if Wired used Braille, few readers would know it (and readers who were blind couldn’t feel it).

    PS: That was a great obit you wrote for Mr. Byte. It is true that how we treat animals says a lot about our humanity.

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