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  1. Rolf Grunsky says:

    Well, my copy of Pynchon’s “Against the Day” (paperback) weighs in 31 oz or about 900g. This tablet is listed at 998g so I don’t think the weight is all that unreasonable. If Evince was available for Android, this would make a great PDF (and comic) reader. Future Shop in Toronto has had these (or another Toshiba 13″ tablet) for a while now. At $650 and $750 (for 32G and 64G) they are out of reach, at least this year. But it’s luggable, not portable.

  2. Dave Newman says:

    I got to thinking about you the other day. I used to subscribe to your various developer magazines and wondered what you were up to now.

    It appears that you still follow your own mind, and I always liked that.

    Best wishes!

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