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Testing Zoundry Raven

I just installed Zoundry’s Raven blogging client in portable mode–I don’t see any reason for it to be installed in any other way–and this is a test post. Bloggar was a little disappointing; for example, I still don’t see how to add tags to an entry locally. So the search for a client goes on, and this post will include an image to see how well image uploading works. A WYSIWYG editor is good, and should allow images to be flowed within text in various ways. I don’t know about borders–will have to try them, since Raven supports them. The issue of how well Raven posts to multiple blogs is yest untested, but if it passes the image-upload test, that’s the next thing to look at. So far it’s pretty impressive.


  1. bcl says:

    The path I followed to get to this post went from Google Reader to your Livejournal page, an attempt to post a comment there that failed and finally to here after I remembered you were working on moving your blog.

    Livejournal and the RSS feed form there didn’t show your image, although they flowed around it as if it were there.

    Also, posting comments on the livejournal site didn’t work, resulting in an error about invalid data from Livejournal.


  2. I’m still puzzled by a few things in Zoundry Raven, and in truth I won’t be able to fool with them until after Christmas. Raven seems to generate bad HTML for the image when uploading to LJ, a problem I haven’t cracked yet. The image works fine in the WordPress site (which will become the main site on 1/1/09) and I need to figure this out before I can use Raven on a daily basis.

    In any event, thanks for the report!

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