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Drumlin Pressure Cooker

I guess it’s time to at least let you all know that I’m alive, but I’m in death-march mode on Drumlin Circus. In ten minutes I’ll begin writing the action-packed climax, with repeating pistols, flamethrowers, a small hydrogen airship, a self-modifying steam calliope, and the Big Ball of Cesium. Oh, and a few deinotheria, a couple of woolly mammoths, a dire wolf, and all the expected smilodons. And did I mention a coven of witches who don’t believe in magic because they have something better?

This is a collaboration with Jim Strickland, and we intend to have it finished, laid out, and printed by Lulu before AnomalyCon on the 27th. Cover art is on the way, though not having it won’t stop us. (The dog-ear on the cover will say, “Uncorrected Proof” because that’s the standard excuse for slightly overaggressive deadlines. If I hadn’t had the flu for three weeks the damned thing would be done already.)

I’ve written over 8,000 words in the last four days. I have 38,000 words down, and expect the climax to take another 5,000. The story must be finished by 4 PM Wednesday. I expect to make the deadline with difficulty; hell, do you think writing adventures in Victorian diction is easy?

More when I can take a breath.


  1. Erbo says:

    Go, Jeff, go! 🙂

  2. Rich Rostrom says:

    “do you think writing adventures in Victorian diction is easy?”

    It was for Victorians…

    1. Yes, but having written my first three drumlins stories in country dialect, it was way hard for me!

  3. Jim Tubman says:

    “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” [Douglas Adams]

    How did it go? Did you make the deadline?

    After that, you can start working on your diet book. I’ll endorse it!

    1. 4,600 words total today. Threw out about 300 of them after thinking it over. Wrapped up the climax, got most of the wrapup chapter finished, then about 4:00 I just ran out of gas. The final scene still needs to be written, and I need to do some rewriting on the wrapup, since what I did I did while pretty cross-eyed.

      But all that said, I haven’t written this much story in one day since April, 1999.

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