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Odd Lots


  1. Jeff,

    Fun stuff in Odd Lots today — led me down a number of very interesting paths. Keep it up.

    Let me know how the Pope thing works for you.


    PS: The Fortean Times is still a good bathroom read on an iPad!

  2. Erbo says:

    Some comments on the “100 Best Spaceships” article lament the fact that certain ships were left off, such as the (new) Battlestar Galactica, the White Star from Babylon 5, or the TARDIS. They’re forgetting that this was “100 Best Movie Spaceships.” Those ships never appeared in theatrical movies.

    Other suggestions, like the original Galactica, the Enterprise-D, or the Defiant, did appear in theatrical movies, but were better known for their TV appearances. Some of those types of ships did make the cut, like the Serenity.

    In the end, that article makes a great thing for geeks to argue over.

    1. Andy Kowalczyk says:

      There are many other ships I would have included. The most important to our generation being Dr Zarkov’s home brew design from the Flash Gordon serials.

  3. Carol Pruitt says:

    Well, shucky-dern! I checked out that How to Be Pope book, and am disappointed to see that it’s merely a job-description manual. And here I thought it was gonna tell me how to BECOME the Pope!

    Jeff, I see from the second entry above that it’s possible to do italics in these comments. Does one use HTML or angle-bracket codes (whatever they’re called) or what?

  4. Carol Pruitt says:

    Oop! I mean HTML or square-bracket codes, of course (the type that are used in many forum postings).

  5. Lee Hart says:

    Fun stuff, Jeff. On the weird book list, thanks for helping me with my Christmas shopping. 🙂

    No luck on the meteor shower; we had cloudy skies. I’m hoping for better weather for the lunar eclipse.

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