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“Click the Word That Describes Them…”


How about… “imaginary”?

As I’ve said before with respect to fraudulent pitches like this, there were no girls in Lane’s Class of 1970. And I’ve heard from others who have paid up for the service in response to Classmates’ endless emails, only to find that no one had signed their guestbooks, and no one was looking for them. Once I’d call a mistake. But this is actually the third such pitch I’ve received (I mentioned the second back in January) and three’s a pattern. I suspect I will get another every so often.

Simple lesson, put bluntly: Assume that everything you receive from is a scam.


  1. Erbo says:

    I used to pay for Classmates’ Gold membership several years ago, but I didn’t get much value out of it, so I let it lapse. I wouldn’t do it again; quite frankly, in terms of reconnecting with old high school classmates, I’ve gotten more value out of Facebook than I ever got from Classmates. Sabrina has done even better than I have in terms of the “classmate reconnection on Facebook” thing. Long term, I don’t think Classmates will be able to compete.

  2. Scott says:

    I loved the headline in The Onion some time ago: “ Employees Don’t Have Heart to Tell CEO About Facebook.” 🙂

  3. Michael Covington says:

    This needs to go to the FTC and/or the appropriate state government. Prima facie, it is clear evidence of deceptive advertising.

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