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  1. Alex Dillard says:

    Broadband internet connection speeds in the United States are indeed considerably behind the broadband speeds in countries such as Japan. However, Google is applying a lot of pressure in this area and I predict that we may catch up to Japan rather soon. Curiously, where I live (Chattanooga, TN) the electric utility provider ( recently decided to take the situation in to its own hands. They now provide a pure fiber-to-the-home broadband connection (up to 150 Mbps download and 150 Mbps upload if that’s what you want) to any part of the city they provide electric power. Behold, the ultimate Smart Grid:

  2. 150 Mbps symmetrical? Good grief! ISPs hate the uplink like they hate little else, and would throttle it back to dialup speeds if they could. (Some try.) That’s a pretty amazing system, and I hope it sets an example for the rest of the country.

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