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August 26th, 2009:

“Here’s my card…”


I was in here working earlier this morning when I heard some minor disturbance behind me, after which a white blur hurtled toward the door. Sensing something interesting going on, I grabbed my pocket camera and followed Dash to his little tiger-striped dog bed, where he sat with four or five of my old business cards hanging from his mouth in only slightly chewed condition, paw extended as though to shake on a deal: Don’t hit me, and you can have your cards back.

I didn’t hit him. And I allowed him to keep the cards for a minute or two, since they were in fact obsolete and headed for the recycle bin anyway. (I need new business cards, but not as badly as I need the time to create them.) It wasn’t until he began to shred them and swallow the pieces that I took what was left of the cards away from him.


Ten minutes later, he ambled back into my office and went directly to the bottom shelf where the box of cards lay. Looking over my shoulder, I watched him carefully withdraw another five or six cards from the nearly full box and edge toward the door again. Gotcha! This time I actually dumped the box into the recycle bin.

A fortune in dog toys, and he wants to chew pasteboard. Or maybe it was a noodge to clean up my office. With dogs, it’s hard to tell.