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  1. Erbo says:

    Thanks for the glowing mention, Jeff. 🙂 The hack I did is less “hardware” and more “software.” It does, however, require additional hardware; in particular, a Linux machine is highly desirable for working with the customized MicroSD cards. (Windows can’t deal with a MicroSD card that has a partition table, and will only mount the first partition on the card, the “boot” partition. Linux will detect and auto-mount all four.)

    I passed through a Best Buy this evening, and noted that the Nook Color price had been dropped to $199. It was a good deal at $249, and it’s an even better deal with $50 chopped off. Walmart’s price on them has not dropped yet; neither has the price on the B&N Web site., however, has the $199 price, along with a $149 price for a factory refurbished Nook Color.

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