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  1. TRX says:

    > socket

    I needed a socket to take Makita batteries, since I already had some tools that used them. I wound up buying a grossly overpriced Makita flashlight, which, other than the price, provided a convenient battery housing with belt clip.

    There are 10A 12v battery connectors on eBay; I bought some recently for a project. You could solder the leads to a bare battery if it would work for your project.

    That’s almost the sort of thing a 3D printer would be good for…

    1. What I want (as I explained to Bob Halloran below) is a full mating socket for a Ryobi battery pack, so I can snap a pack into the gadget just as I would into the cordless drill that the pack came with. That is fersure where 3D printers excel, though I don’t have time to fool with one at this time. I’m hoping that somebody will eventually print such a socket and sell it to me, even if I have to make the metal battery contacts for the socket myself. (I can do that.)

  2. TRX says:

    > It’s tainted (if not entirely fake) science.

    I’ve become suspicious of anything that comes from an “association.” Generally it’s only a matter of time before they get taken over by executives with very different goals than the members might expect…

    “Take a respected institution. Kill it. Gut it. Wear its carcass as a skin suit. And demand respect.”

  3. Olli says:

    > nuclear reactors.

    Never buy a French car or a nuclear power plant.

    1. TRX says:

      Bah, they’re running a little late. Big deal.

      A friend of mine is getting ready to retire. He has spent his entire career as an engineer working on the F-35 fighter.

  4. Bob Halloran says:

    someone’s done a cap for the Ryobi batteries as a Thingiverse project (; about what you had in mind?

    1. That would work, but what I was hoping for was a mating socket for the full pack, including flanges for the pack’s grippers to grip. TRX further up the comment line here suggests that this is what 3D printers are for, and I agree–but I don’t have time right now to learn another new technology.

      1. TRX says:

        I have a printer sitting here, but the software does things bass-ackwards from the way I learned to do mechanical drawings. And, of course, there’s no documentation, because it’s all “intuitive.”

        While there’s a vast amount of discussion on forums, almost all of it is in incomprehensible hip-hop txtspk which isn’t worth my time to parse through.

  5. Rich Rostrom says:

    “More people are leaving Illinois than moving to it…”

    In many respects, Illinois looks like a train wreck in progress. I know several people with plans to get out of the state.

    So why are some big investors putting up very big money for projects in Illinois? For instance, the $900M Wanda Vista Tower in downtown Chicago, largely funded by a Chinese company?

    1. Too much cash and no place to put it? They should research Nebraska, which no longer has defined-benefit pensions for public employees. Omaha is a very nice place, and if we hadn’t moved to Phoenix we might have moved there. (We could have a pool in Phoenix. And we wouldn’t need snow shovels. Case closed.)

  6. Andrew says:

    If you’re still interested in a Ryobi clip, 3D printed, look here (I’m printing one now). Comes with a link to the metal clip part that costs like $1-2. There’re others on too, if you search for Ryobi and battery. Here’s another one that just uses wires.

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