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For All That Will Be, Yes!

Carol and I met 42 years ago this evening. I’ve told the story before, and the backstory. The oldest known photo of the two of us together is here, not quite a month after we met. I won’t go on at length this evening, but I will mention that in 1974, just before she went away to grad school, Carol made me a banner with the inscription, “For all that has been, Thank you. For all that will be, Yes.”

I went up to her a little while ago and said the same thing to her. Funny how it sounds just as good now (and is just as true!) as it was way back in 1974.


  1. The lady has a way with words. Congratulations, you two.


  2. Christie says:

    You two are such an inspiration. Happy anniversary. <3

  3. Erbo says:

    And I will repeat what I posted for you on Facebook, which is, in the words of a wise man, “May you live as long as you wish, and love as long as you live.”

  4. Tony says:

    Much congratulations are in order. May you both enjoy many more years together.

  5. Tom Dison says:


  6. […] in the hi-fi hobby in the 1960s. While looking for the photo of Carol’s banner mentioned in my entry for July 31st, I ran across a blurry photo of my basement office in 1975, including the portion shown at left. […]

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