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Odd Lots


  1. Aki says:

    Shameless product promotion 😉

    1. Aki says:

      Shameless product promotion continues…

  2. Rich Rostrom says:

    Eric S. Raymond has been discussing the ethics and practicalities of Google’s “no handles” rule.

    Also, there is a Venezuelan affairs blog called “The Devil’s Excrement”, which is what a Venezuelan statesman once called petroleum.

    The “Gustav” may have been the largest-caliber cannon ever built, but in the general category of size, it has a few competitors. Ever heard of the
    “V-3”? (Also known as the “Tausendfussler” – millipede). It was a fixed gun 130 meters long, with many branching combustion chambers to sustain acceleration of the shell. It was only 6″ in caliber though.

  3. Aki says:

    “The electric cannon delivers shells over 200 miles at Mach 5”

  4. Tom says:

    I believe the largest canon ever built was designed by this gentleman not all that long ago:

    Long but interesting story.

  5. So what are your thoughts so far on G+? The whole thing slipped past my radar, then it became “the Thing”.

    1. It has its moments, granting that I’ve been on it for only a little more than a week. I’m still trying to figure how best to use the Circles metaphor. I’ll write about it more once I’ve had more experience with it and thus more to say. So far, not bad.

  6. Lee Hart says:

    The “Gyroptere” looks bizarre, but it’s really just a giant maple seed — and they certainly fly! You recently wrote about your nieces flight-testing some. 🙂

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