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August 15th, 2008:

Odd Lots

  • Wired ran a nice piece on how little we know about brain function—and therefore how silly it is to claim that we'll have “superhuman” computation by 2020. If we can't model it, we can't duplicate it, and the model has proven extremely slippery. Good-bye singularity, not that it ever made much sense even granting astonishing increases in computer power.
  • Here are some nice comparison tables showing how the pricing models of the leading POD houses affect publisher take-home revenues at various sales levels.
  • I now have a photo of John T. Frye on my Carl & Jerry page, in case anyone wondered what the man himself looked like. Many thanks to Michael Covington for processing the scan for me.
  • Vista is not bulletproof, Microsoft's assurances to the contrary. (Thanks to Pete Albrecht for the link.)
  • I'm not quite sure what it's good for, but damn, this is as fun as it is weird. (Thanks again to Pete.)