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Letting Bigfoot Go

We’ve thought about it for some months now: Our 24′ Bigfoot motorhome has been out with us exactly seven times since we bought it, all of those being quick weekend getaways that we could squeeze in between frantic trips to Chicago. We might have driven it to Chicago at least once, but neither my sister nor Carol’s sister has any place to park something that big, and we’d have to rent a car anyway for local travel.

The Chicago situation isn’t going to change radically in the near future. So, as much as we’ve enjoyed it, we’re going to have to let it go. I’ve posted a For Sale ad on the Bigfoot owners’ organization site. (Photos and floorplan there.) It was a little small for our needs (although on short trips space wasn’t a horrible problem) and when life settles down enough to consider RVing again, we’re going to look for a unit with slideouts and something approximating a real bed.

It’s a 2006, model 30MH24DB. We are the original owners, and it’s been garaged indoors at a storage place ever since we bought it, figuring that if we decided it wasn’t for us, it wouldn’t have been out in the sun in the interim. (The sun can get pretty intense at 6600 feet.) It’s only got 3,300 miles on it, and there are no scrapes or dents. There is a downloadable PDF from the manufacturer with full specs and lots of pictures, which you can get to from this page. (Find and click the button “PDF Download.”)

Again, we’ve enjoyed it a lot, but we’re paying for the loan and for indoor storage, and if we can’t take it out a full week at a time to see some of the West (instead of short weekend trips within a hundred miles of home) we’re better off putting it in other hands.

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