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The Great Tumbleweed Migration

aerosnoozingI worried needlessly. By the time we got on the road at 10 AM, the sun had dried out I-80 completely, and we did the 410 miles to Des Moines without incident, though the temps did not get above 20F. We’re now kicking back and taking it easy; less than 350 miles remain, and at this point I could do that standing on my head.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was the Great Tumbleweed Migration on I-76 in the northeast corner of Colorado. We had a strong wind out of the north, and for a 20-mile stretch past Julesburg, the weeds were rolling across the Interstate by the hundreds like some weird animals, in many sizes and shapes. Carol tried to get a video, but it’s not as impressive as I’d hoped, and certainly not good enough to post. When we hit a rest stop in Nebraska I found pieces of tumbleweed stuck in my bumpers and there’s probably plenty more elsewhere under the chassis.

And of course, we left Colorado just in time for the temps there to start creeping up into the 70s. Not bad for February, and apparently our best-kept secret. (This is nothing new.)  Golf at Christmas. Ski at Easter. And vice versa.  I rarely appreciate it until I leave.

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