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Daily Penny Report

  • 1 penny at McDonald’s: 2019, brilliant uncirculated, 100% mint luster.
  • 1 penny at Fry’s: 2007-D, very good, dirty, no mint luster.
  • 1 penny at Fry’s: 2012-D, near-uncirculated, 85% mint luster
  • 1 penny at Fry’s: 1986, very fine, 10% mint luster
  • 1 penny at Fry’s: 1959-D, brilliant uncirculated, 100% mint luster

This last one was a bit of a surprise: a 61-year-old penny that looked like it had never been touched. Photo below, beside the 2012-D with just a few smudges.

Uncirc 1959-D - 500 Wide.jpg

I’m not sure where a penny would have hidden for 61 years except in a penny jar. And so the experiment continues…

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  1. Orvan Taurus says:

    Not a penny, but I’ve now (knowingly) encountered my second Mercury dime – quite worn, as would be expected of something knocking around since 1941.

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