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Odd Lots


  1. Mike Weasner says:

    Do that move to Arizona. MST year around in most of the state.

  2. wrm says:

    The Neanderthal nerd Cro-Magnon jock thing isn’t new. Can’t remember where I came across it first but I won’t be surprised if it was Asimov.

  3. Tom Dison says:

    I looked at the A+, but having no network device and a single USB 2.0 port, I believe it is only useful for data sampling. You can get a powered USB hub and then use USB wireless, but why not just spend $15 more for the B+. I think the A+ would be good for schools, though. The lack of a network device would be a plus.

  4. Rich Rostrom says:

    It’s a bit surprising, but there has been more than one recent print magazine launched by a non-print source.

    There is an ESPN magazine, and a TCM magazine. ESPN magazine has been around for several years.

    Now that I think about it, I’ve seen “O” magazine, published by Oprah Winfrey, and I’m pretty sure some of the celebrity chefs have magazines.

  5. TRX says:

    Neither you nor Carol have an outside job where you’re required to conform to someone else’s schedule, right? Then why bother with arbitrary numbers on a clock? Make your own Duntemann Arbitrary Time based on the evening sun, and to heck with whether it’s 5PM in Colorado Springs or 7PM in Bangor.

    I only bother with “clock time” when I check to see if a business might be open or if it’s an appropriate time to call someone.

    1. True enough, but we do have biological clocks, and whereas they’re modestly rubbery, I don’t think I would enjoy having dinner on the table every day by 4:30 PM. Granted, it hasn’t been grilling weather in November at all this year, but in prior years (especially just after we moved here) the weather was brisk but decent until December 1 or so.

      There’s really no answer to this problem. I’d rather have more daylight in the evening than in the morning, but I recognize that a midnight-black 8 AM might be problematic for some.

  6. RH in CT says:

    The idea that such a technology aware person would let nightfall inhibit his grilling seems… well, I guess there must be an X factor I am unaware of. A local ordinance against outdoor lighting? A dark sky commitment? Really, “artificial” lighting has never been better.

    1. I learned grilling outside, in natural light. I cook by feel, mostly, and by sight. The color of the food is critical. There are lights on the deck, and I’ve used flashlights. Nothing makes food (meat especially) look like it does in daylight, even bad daylight.

  7. TRX says:

    I grill by time and char percentage, being color blind.

  8. Kevin Anetsberger says:

    The similar Sony SRF-59 can be had on ebay super-cheap. It usually requires a bit of calibration to optimize, but is definitely a good little DXer, especially when used near a tuned loop antenna.

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