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  1. Erbo says:

    Of course, the government is now neck-deep into “Prohibition 2.0” aka The War on (Some) Drugs, which has resulted in even more evil and stupidity than the original Prohibition. (The G-men enforcing the original Prohibition would have loved asset forfeiture, for instance.) Still not up to slavery level, though, and some cracks are developing (such as the actions of Colorado and Washington).

    1. Bob Fegert says:

      I agree completely with you about the stupid war on drugs.

      God save us all from prohibitionists of all stripes.

      It recently occurred to me that the ACA (unAffordable Care Act)
      will likely result in effects similar to what prohibition wrought.
      I posted the following on a blog and repeat it here.
      As it was during the time of prohibition, so it will be again with Obamacare.

      It will be top-quality health care that is prohibited.

      People will go to the Caribbean to get it, just as they went to the Caribbean to get Rum.

      People will go to Mexico to get it…or to Canada, or India, or Thailand.

      Doctors will set up medical ships off shore, much like Mr McCoy did to sell imported liquor from his boats(The Real McCoy)

      There will be hush hush secret clinics in all major cities. (Joe sent me)

      First we had the madness of alcohol prohibition, that led to the madness of drug prohibition when the enforcers no longer had anything to enforce. Now we have the madness of Obamacare… pray it does not stick around as long as the drug war has.

      1. William Meyer says:

        Too late to go to Canada for health care: they got the government provided sort 40 years ago. (I’ve suffered it, so believe me, I know its flaws.)

        Oddly, many seem incapable of recognizing that the War on Drugs is Prohibition resuscitated, and will fail for the same reasons.

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