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  1. Alex Dillard says:

    Well, you theoretically could run Office 2000 or 2003 on Windows 8 inside of a Windows XP virtual machine. That would certainly make it much faster to re-install Office if you needed to reformat your computer. In practice I think running MS Office in a virtual machine may be a pretty major violation of Office’s EULA / end user license agreement (although I don’t claim to be an expert on Office’s EULA).

    1. With Crossover Linux I’ve been able to run Office 2000 on Linux for several years. So there’s always that option. My bitch about Linux is that they keep messing with the UIs. I liked the early KDE, and GNOME 2. The current ones, not so much–and I dropped Ubuntu like a hot rock when Unity came out. Now using Mint.

  2. William Meyer says:

    If you don’t feel the need for the see-through tips, the highlighter I have favored for years is the Pentel XO Data Checker. The bad news is that it does not seem to be available in most American stores. It is offered in Canada, and can also be ordered on Amazon (from a seller in Hong Kong.)

    I favor it for several reasons. The first is no longer important, but it was the first highlighter I found which did not magically erase text from a fax page. Second, it has a huge ink supply. Third, the ink supply is easily seen through the case, so no surprises in the field. And finally, a very big one, in my view, I recently found some which had been packed away several years ago, and they are as fresh as when they were packed. It’s a great product.

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