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Odd Lots

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  1. Erbo says:

    Yay and double yay on the first two items!

    The hell of it is, given sufficient energy, hydrocarbons can be manufactured. The plan I favor involves using Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors to generate both electricity and process heat, and use the heat to drive the Fischer-Tropsch process to convert carbon into synthetic fuel. The coal reserves of this country can provide both the carbon feedstock and the thorium to power the reactors, and will generate much more energy than just burning the coal. The technology is not new; they were running LFTRs at Oak Ridge Laboratory in the 1960’s, and the Germans were using Fischer-Tropsch in World War II. And LFTRs are much safer than other reactors; they literally cannot suffer a Fukushima-type meltdown. (They tested the safety systems at Oak Ridge, too; they literally turned off the power and went home for the weekend!)

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