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  1. Tom Hanlin says:

    I think the point of 100 proof alcohol is, having 50% alcohol means that it burns, which is 100% proof that you’ve got… 50% alcohol. But that may be an urban myth.

    Oh, try Vernor’s ginger ale. Old recipe, it’s a bit tart, but you may find it interesting.

    1. That’s good news, since the question came up while I was taking notes on a scene. If whiskey can be burned in an alcohol lamp, I have a good scene opener. If it doesn’t, I don’t. I’m a good citizen scientist, so I’m going to buy a cheap oil lamp at Pier 1 and do the experiment. I’m pretty sure we have an old, opened bottle of whiskey in the pantry. If not I’ll buy one of those little plastic bottles they sell behind the counter at liquor stores.

      We’ve tried Vernors–we used to live in Rochester, NY where it was everywhere–and it’s an odd flavor, somewhere between what I call ginger ale and cream soda. Which isn’t to say it’s bad; it’s just not quite what we’re looking for.

  2. Don Doerres says:

    Like Green Soda?
    On your next cross country gambit pull off 80 at Wilton, my home town

    Oldest shop of its kind in the world.

    1. Ha! Never heard of that, but we pass within a couple of miles of it at least once a year, when we make our summer trip to Chicago and back. Will have to get to it this summer. That must be somewhere near the big and kitschy Iowa 80 megatruckstop, where we generally take a potty break and walk the dogs a little.

      I’m reminded a little of the Buffalo, an ice-cream shop in Chicago where my parents would take us now and then, until it closed in the 70s.

      I assume you’re not there anymore, or we’d give you a shout-out.

  3. Don Doerres says:

    Wilton is a few miles west of the big truck stop. The Google directions are good.

    Lots of park areas around Iowa for walkies.

    Yes, I’ve moved away from Wilton m_a_n_y years ago.

  4. Larry Nelson says:

    The wikipedia article on alcohol proof has a charming explanation of the term “proof” in terms of sailors and their rum rations:

    That should provide some fodder for a literary treatment. Just have your characters sprinkle some gunpowder in their watered down booze.

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