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  1. Bruce C. Baker says:

    OWS ain’t dead, it’s only sleeping, resting up before resurfacing at the Democrat and Republican national conventions. (I’d love to be proven wrong.)

  2. OWS disappeared a little more gradually than that about the time most cities passed no camping laws and started rounding ’em up. The movement’s still around, they’re just looking at other venues.

    Weird crap like that seems to turn up a lot in the election off-season. I think everyone gets tired of politics in an election year, and the weirdos go away. Don’t hear much from the dress-up part of the Tea Party either.

    It might also be that they don’t make the news, is all. After all, there’s a massacre, forest fires, olympics, and an election to cover.

    Kind of like how terrorism disappeared for almost ten years around Chernobyl. It stopped making the papers, and without coverage, it’s comparatively small time crime. These things only get mind share on slow news days.


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