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Odd Lots


  1. Pablo says:

    The last link (assuming you were serious) is that part of the hipster stereotype is they are so cool/tastemaking that they like bands you’ve haven’t heard of (presumably, “yet”).

    It made me chuckle.
    Enjoy your blog as always.

  2. Jim Mischel says:

    “I like dog whistles you’ve probably never heard.”

    Dogs hear higher frequencies than humans do. So it’s plausible (and, I thought, funny) that the dog could like those things that we can’t hear.

    1. I had two problems: 1) I hadn’t ever heard the hipster trope of “I like , but you’ve probably never heard it” and 2) I have yet to own a dog who liked dog whistles. So I guess the dog said it ironically.

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