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No Supinator for You!

On Wednesday I hurt my left arm, and am still typing one-handed. Carol (who is a physical therapist) tells me that I may have pulled my left supinator. I didn’t even know I had a supinator, which to me sounds like a brand of crockpot. Whatever a supinator might in fact be, I know by now that it hurts like hell when mistreated.

Bottom line: I may not be doing much posting for the coming week. Lesson: I am 59, not 19. I cannot throw boxes full of books around with the aplomb I once exhibited. I would like to get my aplomb back, but like my hair, that train may have left the station.

I’ll be back when I can use my left hand again.


  1. RH says:

    I didn’t even know I had a supinator…

    I’m betting you have two of them!

  2. Bruce C. Baker says:

    Perhaps you could create a new genre of blog postings for the right hand akin to the List of Piano works for the left hand … 😉

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  3. Tom R. says:

    Sorry to hear about the injury Jeff. I hope it mends fast. Now, was it the National Geographics or the QSTs that were the proximate cause?

    Finding the RIGHT size box of magazines or books is tricky. Too big and you can’t move it and too small and you have too many boxes to keep up with.

    Back in the days of fan fold 8.5 by 11 inch paper I scrounged all of the empty boxes I could find since they seemed perfect for most magazines. My huge collection of Byte lives in them now and I am thinking of an eviction proceeding.

    Get Well and Stay well!

    1. Actually, the proximate cause was a box two thirds-full of books..and not the kind I thought. Down at the bottom were my CRC Handbooks (Chem and Math Tables) and my 3-volume New Century Dictionary, buried in loose papers and other stuff. I thought it was all paperbacks. Box was at the top of a stack of three. Gave a heave. Box was heavier than I thought. Stuff inside shifted from one end to the other. Left arm went down a little violently and twisted to one side. I yelled. And then I yelled some more. Not my best moment.

      1. Tom R. says:

        I have had many a headache from having to use the CRC handbooks too much, but never muscle damage. I am glad you seem to be getting better.

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