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  1. Jonathan O'Neal says:

    As a boy, I learned it as a “barrel splice,” and called it that for several years before hearing the term “lineman’s splice.” Whatever you call it, it’s a great skill to have in one’s arsenal, especially when soldering is impractical or impossible. Speaking of impossible, the middle picture on the linked page has an Escherian twist, with the wires winding one way but ending up facing the opposite way…

  2. Tom R. says:

    The Morse code tweet is interesting, but after watching the video I think they ought to add a decent side tone to it!

  3. Lee Hart says:

    My first “car” was a 1961 Corvair Greenbriar van. One of its features was that the track width was the same as railroad rail spacing. When I was in college at Michigan Tech, we’d slightly deflate the front tires and drive around on the abandoned mining railroad tracks. It worked fine! I didn’t even have to steer.

    Though there were some hazards. One was crossing a highway, where motorists weren’t used to looking out for trains. Another was the occasional trestle that was sagging dangerously or even fallen down. Finally, we’d sometimes come to places where someone had stolen the rails (probably to sell for scrap metal. Smooth sailing and then “bumba-bumpa-bumpa” on the ties!

    It was a real problem to turn around and get it back on the rails.

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