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  1. Rich Dailey says:

    I still think the Nook Color (not the new tablet, which looks identical) is the best deal going. I’m running CyanogenMod 7 (I think this is Android 2-ish) on it, and it does great. It may be a little slow to load some things, but heck, we’re talking $199 and a little micro-sd card image writing goodness, and voila!

    The one thing that B&N did to instill a lil regret was to NOT have the dictionary/Thesaurus touch-to-lookup capability in the android app, and I really miss that. BUT, I guess I’ll trade that for everything else I can do with it, until I get a “real” tablet, then I’ll probably restore it.

    1. Erbo says:

      The Nook Color is most definitely still rootable. I have the CM7 distro on an SD card myself, and I plan to look into both (a) building a custom version of that distro, and (b) getting an ICS build going. Fortunately, I have the next week off. 🙂

      But you can’t do that with the Nook Tablet, as it has a locked bootloader that requires cryptographic verification at each stage. Pity, B&N lost a sale that way, as otherwise I might have tried to see if the Nook Color hacks could be applied to the Tablet.

  2. You may be interested to know that organic chemists refer to that molecular structure as 1,2-dimethylchickenwire.

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