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Was Hacked?

Something very weird is going on here: I’ve gotten a scattering of emails in the last 18 hours from Nothing new in that, except that these are obviously fakes, albeit very convincing fakes. The subject line for the first is:

“You are invited to the Naked Fest with Lane Technical High School.”

The From: field contains a multi-word obscenity that I won’t even try to repeat. (You know what dash characters look like.) The body of the message is pure Classmates, but in the Received: field in the headers is a bogus domain and an IP that doesn’t match

Received: from ( [])

It’s not malware, came in with no attachments, and contains no scripting whatsoever.

One of my friends from Lane got the identical messages about the same time that I did. So: Did anyone else get anything like this? Or is it just the two of us who are being scammed? I don’t see anything about this online, which suggests that somebody is having some fun with him and me and not with as a whole.

Do let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Jim Reeves says:

    Same here Jeff. 7 emails with various titles, the first the same as what you received. All from the same person who’s name makes me believe it’s not from but then again, I did attempt to unsubscribe twice last week so maybe it’s their way of saying good bye.

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