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  1. Erbo says:

    Protea is now running 64-bit Lucid Lynx. I just blew away my install of 32-bit Karmic and installed it; not a big issue, since my home directory and other critical files were on a completely different drive. So far so good; it works unobtrusively, like Linux should. Not sure I like the window manager putting the close button on the left, but that is where it is on the Mac…so there is precedent.

  2. Jim Tubman says:

    I discovered that Ubuntu 10.04 does not work properly when installed in a VMWare VM. It doesn’t seem to connect to the keyboard, so you can’t even log in. (I’m using VMWare Fusion on a Mac.)

    Did some digging and apparently they have been aware of this bug since March but it is still there. Ubuntu 9 still works fine in that environment.

    1. Whoa. That’s a Class 1 bug. (Maybe Class 0.) Do you use USB keyboards? There is a well-known problem with USB under VirtualBox and I’m wondering if that isn’t an instance of a broader class of VM problems. I only just barely got Lucid installed the other night, and have done very little with it so far apart from install a few of my usual apps. Let us know if you run across a fix.

  3. Jim Tubman says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m using a year-old MacBook Pro and its normal keyboard. The bug reports I read did not mention the Mac version of VMWare specifically, so I guess it was probably noticed in the PC world first.

    I’ll drop a line to one of my old Digital/AltaVista colleagues (now a kernel engineer at Canonical) and see if he has any insights about this.

  4. Carol Pruitt says:

    For those who read the Homeopathic Bomb article but did not understand the final sentence (“There is that little problem of succussion to overcome, though”):

    Liquid homeopathic remedies are “activated” before each use by succussion, which is to say, forcefully agitating the liquid, typically by striking the bottom of the bottle repeatedly against the heel of one’s other hand.

    Hey, I ain’t volunteering!

  5. Jim Tubman says:

    VMWare Fusion on the Mac had an upgrade to version 3.1 yesterday, and it fixed the keyboard problem with Ubuntu 10.04. No problem logging in now. I cannot say whether this was a problem in non-Mac versions of Ubuntu, or, if so, whether there has been a fix.

    It is rather nice to be able to run Snow Leopard, Leopard Server, Ubuntu Linux, FreeBSD 8, and Windows 7 all on the same machine.

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