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“A Meetup Group That Matches Your Interests…”

Today is Delphi Meetup day, and, peculiarly, I got an email from a few minutes ago. It was peculiar because although we still call it Delphi Meetup, we dropped like a hot rock years back after it started charging $100+ per year to coordinate a monthly meeting. (Like that takes anything even close to $100 worth of cycles or storage or bandwidth.) keeps trying gamely to get me to come back by promising me interesting groups to join…just as soon as somebody ponies up that hundred bucks. Wi-Fi and New In Town were the ones I used to belong to circa 2003, when I was working on my Wi-Fi book and we were still new in town. I guess they gave up, as I haven’t heard from them in most of a year.

Until today, when I got an email with the breathlessly overcapitalized subject line: “A New Meetup Group That Matches Your Interests Has Started!” Hmm. Wi-Fi? Ebooks? Ham radio? Kites? Contrarianism?

No. Only inside the message do they reveal the group’s name: “Paranormal Erotic Romance Book Club of Colorado Springs.”

Wow. I never even knew that there were paranormal erotic romance books. Lesbian pirate novels, sure–a woman who used to work for me brokered foreign rights in that genre for awhile. So I guess anything’s possible…but I have to wonder how they fingered me as a potential member. Was it a mistake, or simple desperation?

In truth, I’m quite sure I don’t want to know.


  1. Trying to recreate the logic of some demented search spider here. Paranormal… you read and write books about religion. Books… obvious… uhh… it falls apart there. No clue. Probably just random. 🙂


    1. As it turns out, the answer is simple, if still a little annoying: I went to their page on Meetup and discovered that they specified “New in Town” (among others, like “Vampire”) among the topics for their group, and I was once a member of the “New in Town” Meetup group. Because I was once in the “New in Town” group, of course I’m a vampire freak. QED.

  2. Erbo says:

    “Paranormal erotic romance”…sounds like a grownup version of Twilight. Even Sabrina, World of Darkness player and consumer of many romance novels (primarily in the Harlequin Intrigue, Harlequin Blaze, and Silhouette Suspense lines), would say, not just “no,” but “HELL no!”

  3. […] for awhile in 2003, and I’m guessing that that’s why I got the email mentioned in yesterday’s entry. Lesson: Never ascribe to vampires what can be explained by simple […]

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