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May 1st, 2010:



Back in 1986, the Baltimore free paper ran an ad from a local seafood eatery, advertising a lobster dinner special. In three of the ad’s four corners was a clipart lobster. In the fourth corner was a clipart scorpion. That ad was taped to my office door until I left the company, and I wish I’d kept it. (Especially once I moved to Arizona and learned first-hand the difference between lobsters and scorpions.) Here and there over the years I’ve seen howlers in local newspapers and thought there ought to be a Web site for them.

tentacles.jpgThere is. Criggo is a little like ILoveBacon, save that it specializes in newspaper and magazine bloopers and other print-media found weirdness. Some are the unintended consequences of enforced brevity (see above right) while others are clearly the result of being a little too free and a little too clueless with the spell checker. (See below left.) Space prohibits more than a taco.jpgcouple of examples here; see the site itself for ads offering Jack Russell Terrorist puppies, or a Palm Iranian dog, as well as an ad for I Can Believe It’s Not Butter.

Rated mostly G, or PG for occasional mild crude humor. Funny as hell. Highly recommended.