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December 23rd, 2008:

Testing Zoundry Raven

I just installed Zoundry’s Raven blogging client in portable mode–I don’t see any reason for it to be installed in any other way–and this is a test post. Bloggar was a little disappointing; for example, I still don’t see how to add tags to an entry locally. So the search for a client goes on, and this post will include an image to see how well image uploading works. A WYSIWYG editor is good, and should allow images to be flowed within text in various ways. I don’t know about borders–will have to try them, since Raven supports them. The issue of how well Raven posts to multiple blogs is yest untested, but if it passes the image-upload test, that’s the next thing to look at. So far it’s pretty impressive.

Test Post from W-Bloggar

This was posted from w.bloggar, a free Windows client-side utility that works something like Semagic, through the XML-RPC API. It may have the ability to post to both WordPress and LiveJournal from a single item edited offline, which would be just about ideal for my needs. We will see. The next step will be to see if it can post the same item to both WordPress and LJ.

This item will go away (or be radically rewritten) once I figure out how it works and how best to use it.