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  1. Larry Nelson says:

    One day I was walking down Main St. (Walla Walla, USA) and looked up to see a B-2 emerging from the clouds at about 1,000 ft. Needless to say, it is one of my favorite aircraft sightings.

    Later I heard that airfields up and down the coast were socked in so they came up and did touch and goes and at our WWII airbase with it’s long, long runway.

    I grew up within 15 miles of the old SAC Larson Air Force Base in Moses Lake, WA. Sadly, I don’t have a single memory of a B-52 overhead.

    One of my regular commutes takes me over a 400′ hill. A couple of times a year an A6E from Whidbey Island Naval Air Station will come over at about 200′ just as I top the hill. They are on their way to a bombing range near Boardman, OR. Every time they do it I duck, just about wet my pants and then say “Do it again!”.

  2. Tom Roderick says:

    Your number 5 item may be all I need to go buy the backup generator I have always wanted!

  3. TRX says:

    We lived in base housing at Mather AFB near Sacramento when I was growing up. It was during the Vietnam era, and B-52s were taking off in long strings. My Mom used to put folded towels on the counters and kitchen table so plates and cups wouldn’t walk off onto the floor.

    “How often to the planes take off?”
    “So often you’ll never notice.”

    A few years back I was headed through Oklahoma on I-40. Near OKC the freeway runs through Tinker AFB. Traffic was stopped, gates were open, and a B-52 was crossing the interstate. I guess a lot of people were annoyed, but it was nice to see a BUFF again.

  4. Tony Kyle says:

    B-52’s and AWACS were common sites out of Oklahoma City through the 90’s. We would see them as they did circuits around the city, probably coming in for landing or doing touch ‘n go manuvers.

    Never knew they closed I-40 though for aircraft to cross over because I thought I-40 went under all those locations. Learn something new.

  5. Carrington Dixon says:

    Back in the day, I was stationed on Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Viet Nam. We had no bombers, but when a fighter took off, you had to hold conversation for a moment.

    The short cut from our headquarter to the Group headquarters took one between the end of the runway and the base perimeter. It is an awesome experience to see a jet fighter coming right at you at near ground level! Also a deafening.

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