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  1. Tom R. says:

    Could that camera Carol found be a type used for “extreme sports” or something like that? I have seen some similar to it in some large sporting goods stores for people who do things like snow boarding off a mountain top (with a few good escarpments on the way down) or perhaps hang gliding off the top of Mount Everest. Of course there are people who jump out of perfectly good aircraft just to parachute down. A practice that was not considered a mark of sanity when I was in the Air Force. You only left the airplane when it was or soon would not be flying any longer!

  2. Erbo says:

    The Pibow Model A case is alleged to have “Lego-compatible bottom ‘ventilation’ holes.” Other Pibow cases may have these as well.

  3. Jim Dodd says:

    Have you seen the videos taken by extreme sports folks with those cameras? They’re incredible and scary. Here’s the link:

    Maybe you can download the software for it and see what has been recorded.

    1. I pulled the SDHC card and looked at it, and there is a single 4-minute video…of the bike standing still in a parking lot near a local trailhead. I think the owner didn’t really know how to work it, and didn’t know that it was already recording. So when he finally jumped on his bike it looks like he pressed the button–which stopped recording. No other files on the card at all.

      I’m thinking it would be a good underwater movie cam for snorkling. (We’re not divers.) The case is watertight and good for several feel of depth, which we’re unlikely to push.

  4. Bob Fegert says:

    Didn’t you lose a camera at a dog show a while back?

    Perhaps the fairies brought this one to you as a St Patty day replacement.

    (A poor replacement but better than nothing I guess)


    1. Yes, the karma fairies may have been active here. I lost an $800 G10 at the dog show, having owned it for just a couple of weeks. I’m not sure how bad a replacement the GoPro is, since its specialty is to take 1080 movies. The big problem is that I have no idea how well aimed it is. There’s no viewfinder and no LCD panel on the back. There is some mechanism to export video to a small display–possibly even a smartphone–but I haven’t figured that part out yet. There’s nothing else in the house that takes 1080 movies. I’ve ordered a number of mounts that may help with the aiming problem.

  5. Jim Tubman says:

    “The Secret of Kells” was a great little film. The significance of the artistic style was probably lost on many of the people who saw it, but appreciated by the rest.

    I have actually seen 2 pages of the book of Kells with my own eyes. It was much, much smaller than I expected — but breathtaking.

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