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  1. Spencer Arnold says:

    George Moore has died (aka the original proponent of Moore’s Law).

  2. TRX says:

    > Carol and I have been taking D-3 for years.

    Your comments were one reason I looked into D3. For some reason D3 testing isn’t part of standard blood labs; I had to get a standalone D3 test. It turned out mine was very low.

    Supplementation and successive tests have brought it up barely into “acceptable”, but that’s with 6000IU split in four daily doses. Apparently the supplements aren’t all that effective. I’m rigging up a UV light system to see if I can bump it up with self-produced D3.

    1. We get our D3 tested every so often. In every case, it was on the higher end of normal. That said, this is Arizona, and getting sun on your skin is something that you don’t really have to work at. Even in the cooler months when we’re not in the pool, I go shirtless while I skim it for dead leaves etc. We still supplement, but between the 5000 IU pills every morning and a bit of UV, we’re in good shape.

  3. Olli says:

    “What makes QHeat’s heat wells unique is that they can be utilised for cooling, and that they can store heat as well.”

  4. Lee Hart says:

    Jeff, don’t worry about EV batteries being hard to replace. Auto industry pundits are largely clueless about EVs. Carmakers try to make *everything* hard to replace. But hackers and car mechanics still manage to figure out ways around their “planned obsolescence”.

    I’ve been building and driving EVs since the 1970’s. Remember my little yellow Datsun EV pickup at your house in Rochester? I’ve replaced more EV batteries than I can count.

    It’s like replacing them in your cordless drill, laptop, or phone; just bigger. Most of the challenge is to break into their custom packaging. Then you fit in used, surplus, or generic replacement modules. The last challenge is then to reprogram the on-board BMS (Battery Management System) to convince it that “everything is OK”. This hacking is already being done by armies of EV hackers and experimenters.

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