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Odd Lots

I’ve been low-energy for a month or so, following the worst chestcold I can recall. Still coughing a little bit; still low-energy. I’m working up the nerve to write a a series on health insurance that will doubtless infuriate everyone, but since I’m also furious, I guess it factors out. Stay tuned.

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  1. Michael Black says:

    Wait a minute.

    I’ve lived in Montreal all my life. That video is getting a lot of travel, but it’s not a routine thing.

    It was the first snow of the year, people tend to forget about winter driving when it isn’t winter, it is a kind of steep hill, you needed the right combination of vehicles.

    It probably was slipperier because it wasn’t yet really cold, so invisible ice forming underneath.

    At least we have snowplows. I was in Vancouver, BC in Feb of 1986, the first few days spring-like, then winter. Things really shut down then, apparently they have little or no snow removal equipment so thy just leave it, hoping it will soon melt. So they just close the steep streets, or did at the time.


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