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  1. jimf says:

    Useful info for creating a w10 ISO…although I will probably stay with W8.1, using Classic Shell to get rid of the “Apps” …So far, I don’t see any advantages to upgrading to 10.

  2. jimf says:

    The presidential portraits are great stuff.

  3. TRX says:

    Robby the Robot appeared in a bunch of places after his debut in Forbidden Planet, including “The Twilight Zone”, “Columbo”, and “Mork and Mindy.” He even has his own IMDB page… which oddly doesn’t list his appearance as a hot-dog vendor in the movie “Heavy Metal.”

  4. RH in CT says:

    For those who are interested, SpaceX’s next launch is Sunday 6/27/15 at around 10:21 AM eastern time. This is one where they will attempt to land the first stage on a floating platform, which came pretty close to working last time. I intend to stream it to the TV from NASA TV via my ROKU.

    1. RH in CT says:

      Well that didn’t go at all well. 8-(

      Forget the ROKU/NASA TV combination, it isn’t HD. Had to hook a laptop to the TV and use the HD stream through a browser.

      Which was nothing to the disappointment that followed.

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